GoPro Session 1

Mr. Bain gave me his GoPro Hero 4 Session to use for a while and said “do something crazy with it, tape it to a car.”  I fashioned a quick mount for it, out of one of my jandals and lots of tape and rode around on my bike with it. I also went swimming with it, and rode some mini quad bikes with it.



With the Edison robots, I have been running through a few trials with the robots and 3 have failed to unknown causes. Mr Bain wants me to fly through all the robots and see how many fail, because we don’t want them failing on our real test subjects later on in the year. This is called prototype testing, or beta testing.


Most have now failed, I’m not sure what’s to come next…


I haven’t been putting much time into trying out new things, a lot of personal things have been popping up. I’m currently in ICT planning out a presentation for some NCEA credits, and I have the drone bug so I’m hoping to do it on drones, Mr. Bain has placed me in charge of researching into new drones and i have found one within the constraints, cost being one of them. The drone I have found is called the Traxxas Aton. It is FASSSSTTTT!


The Decision

Me and Mr. Bain had a scrum, we organised a new way of contacting each other (Using iMessage and FaceTime). We talked about drones and a few ideas of cool shots we can do with them, as I have decided to use drones as the base of 2 of my NCEA projects this year. One of which is a video and the other a website. I also have a way of contacting a few professional drone flyers/photographers for interviews and ideas. The only oppurtonity(bump) is that the drone we were using to start off, as stated in one of my other posts, this project is having motor issues, and it no longer flies, we are going to look into a more durable drone for use. I watch a few youtubes and stumbled upon these amazing drone videos;

And now i have the drone bug 🙂


Oh boy

Oh boy, wouldn’t it be nice to speed away your stay in hospital, being peacefully relaxed on a beach in Tahiti, or why not just watch movies. Wouldn’t you feel more relaxed and entertained in hospital if you had a VR? I know I would. I’d be able to talk to friends and family. Time feels like it goes faster in VR, so why not use it to make people feel more comfortable in stressful situations.

Just an Idea

Thinking more on real life situations with the VR. What if you were stuck in a wheel chair. Missing out on playing rugby, or going swimming. Imagine being able to this in VR. With decrease in mobility from many causes, imagine still being able to experience the exact same sensations. Or what about being in the 1st person view of your favourite character in a movie. Fighting off hordes of zombies, becoming a part of a historic Foot-Ball team. Or what about having your very own art studio, all the materials you need, all the tools, and at no cost.

Last night i went sky diving, originally I thought that it’d be crazy scary. But even just watching a 360 video, it feels like you’re there. I wanna go and jump out of a plane now. This could be used as advertisement, having the availability to download a demonstration ride at an amusement park. Or getting an birds eye view on a house, and then entering through the front door, walking around the show home without wasting fuel, and why not even be in a call with the real estate agent at the same time!