Introduction: Exploring Level 1 Digital Technologies

My really cool teacher gave me a few projects to do over the summer holidays. He told me that I needed to create a digital diary, and showed me wordpress. On wordpress I’m going to write about what I’ve been doing within these projects and taking some pictures along the way.


One thought on “Introduction: Exploring Level 1 Digital Technologies”

  1. On-line Digital Diaries are becoming standard in business for projects of all kinds, including non-digital projects (like building houses, boats, sky-scrapers but also backyard projects like gardens, cars, skateboards and even creative work like murals, video;s, animations, etc…). It pays to put significant day-to-day progress on-line as you never know what kind of support or interest you will generate.

    At the heart of all this digital-diary thinking is an engine called ‘project management’ particular ‘agile’ PM (more about this later but the PM opposite is ‘waterfall’ PM. This particularly Year 11 digital-project is aimed squarely at Achievement Standards 91047 (aka AS 1.4, 6 credits, website context) and AS 91073 (aka AS 1.43, 4 credits, video context)

    PM = project management
    aka = also known as
    AS = Achievement Standards

    Note: that 14 or more Excellence credits is required for Excellence endorsement at Level 1 but must include at least one 10-page design report due on the first Monday in November

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