What is Edison and what is my Task

Edison is a small and affordable robot, that you can program with ease. It uses drag and drop, just like scratch. A cool feature of the Edison  is it’s compatibility with lego. With it’s compatibility with lego and it’s price, it is a very good alternative in place of a lego mindstorm.

My task is simple, be a guinea pig, test it, find out the things that can go wrong with them, and quickly run through my teachers lesson plan for this upcoming year.



One thought on “What is Edison and what is my Task”

  1. The programming principles (as well as specific Python programming learning) involved is what’s really important here (although playing with mini-robots is awesome fun in itself) because (of course) this lends itself to any and all other kinds of programming.

    Generalising even further, computational thinking is being actively promoted encouraged through this exploratory work and the challenge for us here at Amuri Area School is to take this to the widest audience possible including the Primary School across the road.

    Huge thanks to Hard Materials Technology teacher, Mr Bruce Anink, for having the passion and foresight to put this project in place here at AAS for 2017

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