The Drone

My teacher gave me an amazing opportunity to fly his drone, get used to the controls, and learn to film with it. I have done all these things and have a video on my youtube channel of some of the flights. It was quickly edited, I apologize.

How ever, recently it’s been having motor problems with one of the rotors. It then ended up dying soon after. We are trying to find a solution to this opportunity. This project will continue on as soon as it can. This is really fun.

I took the drone to pieces and learnt which thingy did what and how it was put together.


One thought on “The Drone”

  1. I think that’s we both had a really important lesson here: that new tech is not fail-safe and can fail early. This also applies to supposedly more robust kinds of DTC hardware like lap-tops and and I-pads

    But drones can also be repaired or broken down into spare parts. In that sense there could be a gap in the market as who repairs these things anyway?!

    Under-pinning that would be a central business location in ChCh as being located way out in the country for repairing hardware like drones would be too hard even in the days of couriers

    It’s sobering to realise that higher quality drones will be required (and quite a few of them) to run any business where under 10’s get to fly them and surely that would have to be somewhere indoors with high ceilings rather than outdoors?

    That aside, drones could be used to locate lost trampers more quickly than by foot in rural areas (providing weather was good; low wind) but could also guide get rescue services more quickly to crashes at recreational places in ChCh like

    This is interestingly close to where Zeke and I hope to set up a small business in 2018. It pays to know whats happening locally in terms of visitor’s attractions because parents always need good (as in safe) low-cost places to drip off their under-10 kids.

    Drone failure at this early stage just reminds us that low-cost durable robots are always going to be better for a start-up learner or business and fortunately Zeke is also exploring that

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