Just an Idea

Thinking more on real life situations with the VR. What if you were stuck in a wheel chair. Missing out on playing rugby, or going swimming. Imagine being able to this in VR. With decrease in mobility from many causes, imagine still being able to experience the exact same sensations. Or what about being in the 1st person view of your favourite character in a movie. Fighting off hordes of zombies, becoming a part of a historic Foot-Ball team. Or what about having your very own art studio, all the materials you need, all the tools, and at no cost.

Last night i went sky diving, originally I thought that it’d be crazy scary. But even just watching a 360 video, it feels like you’re there. I wanna go and jump out of a plane now. This could be used as advertisement, having the availability to download a demonstration ride at an amusement park. Or getting an birds eye view on a house, and then entering through the front door, walking around the show home without wasting fuel, and why not even be in a call with the real estate agent at the same time!


One thought on “Just an Idea”

  1. Mental rehearsal is an important part of professional sport but may also play a part in a person’s rehabilitation after an injury of any kind (including of course non-sports related like a car crash).

    Worthy of investigation: It would be interesting to look at whether a VR headset would help a person recovering from a head injury recover faster (more efficiently) OR whether the experience of having a VR headset is simply too overwhelming for the brain (but what if they were just looking at a sunset? Or a lagoon with palm tree and singing macaws (the birds, not the rugby player).

    Or would an AR (Augmented Reality) be better for this as it more better integrates the real with the digital fake? Probably, at least to my way of thinking. Anyway, I’ve approached a friend of a friend in ChCh about the possibility of experimenting with a head-set on her and she’s thinking about it. She’s been concussed over a dozen times and now is restricted to working as a life guard at a local swimming pool in ChCh. She’s had weeks where she has almost been unable to get out of bed so it’s been pretty severe and she is clearly still suffering (she was a mountain-biker and surfer).

    The brain takes time to recover and surely must be one of the bodies most important organs after the heart and lungs.

    This research is inspirationally being led by Jane McGonigal of Harvard University in United States who went through a serious brain injury herself:


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