Oh boy

Oh boy, wouldn’t it be nice to speed away your stay in hospital, being peacefully relaxed on a beach in Tahiti, or why not just watch movies. Wouldn’t you feel more relaxed and entertained in hospital if you had a VR? I know I would. I’d be able to talk to friends and family. Time feels like it goes faster in VR, so why not use it to make people feel more comfortable in stressful situations.


2 thoughts on “Oh boy”

  1. Okay, let’s start looking at the possible downsides of VR – the effect of judging distances and angles after immersion in a VR headset environment. My guess is that it might be substantial. What if it affected my ability to drive at night? During the day? (less likely). What about the effect on a young or developing brain? No-one has researched into this yet as the technology involved is much too new.

    Let’s extend this idea a little. What if VR headset use before driving a vehicle (car, motorcycle) had a similar effect to alcohol or drug taking?! What if we could devise a series of tests to measure this for a range of ages? Like walking along a straight line with one eye closed (so you’d do this little test before and after VR use for each study participant).

    Here’s a freaky thought: what if VR use had already quietly been responsible for car accidents in NZ? Particularly for teenagers? Have car accident rates increased over the last 10 years for this group and if so could it be because of the explosion in on-line gaming?

    Also what would VR use to do the attention spans of teens and younger? And can the older brain handle all the visual information whirling around in the headset (by older let’s say 50 and over).

    Worth investigating for sure

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  2. Interesting

    What if headsets stimulated brains enough to get them out of depression?

    Why not? As a part of a more holistic treatment

    So researchers need to figure out how much brain stimulation is too much and how age dependent it might be

    To make changes to a life, a person needs to have a sense of hope I think


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