I haven’t been putting much time into trying out new things, a lot of personal things have been popping up. I’m currently in ICT planning out a presentation for some NCEA credits, and I have the drone bug so I’m hoping to do it on drones, Mr. Bain has placed me in charge of researching into new drones and i have found one within the constraints, cost being one of them. The drone I have found is called the Traxxas Aton. It is FASSSSTTTT!



The Decision

Me and Mr. Bain had a scrum, we organised a new way of contacting each other (Using iMessage and FaceTime). We talked about drones and a few ideas of cool shots we can do with them, as I have decided to use drones as the base of 2 of my NCEA projects this year. One of which is a video and the other a website. I also have a way of contacting a few professional drone flyers/photographers for interviews and ideas. The only oppurtonity(bump) is that the drone we were using to start off, as stated in one of my other posts, this project is having motor issues, and it no longer flies, we are going to look into a more durable drone for use. I watch a few youtubes and stumbled upon these amazing drone videos;

And now i have the drone bug 🙂


The Drone

My teacher gave me an amazing opportunity to fly his drone, get used to the controls, and learn to film with it. I have done all these things and have a video on my youtube channel of some of the flights. It was quickly edited, I apologize.

How ever, recently it’s been having motor problems with one of the rotors. It then ended up dying soon after. We are trying to find a solution to this opportunity. This project will continue on as soon as it can. This is really fun.

I took the drone to pieces and learnt which thingy did what and how it was put together.