With the Edison robots, I have been running through a few trials with the robots and 3 have failed to unknown causes. Mr Bain wants me to fly through all the robots and see how many fail, because we don’t want them failing on our real test subjects later on in the year. This is called prototype testing, or beta testing.


Most have now failed, I’m not sure what’s to come next…


What is Edison and what is my Task

Edison is a small and affordable robot, that you can program with ease. It uses drag and drop, just like scratch. A cool feature of the EdisonĀ  is it’s compatibility with lego. With it’s compatibility with lego and it’s price, it is a very good alternative in place of a lego mindstorm.

My task is simple, be a guinea pig, test it, find out the things that can go wrong with them, and quickly run through my teachers lesson plan for this upcoming year.