Oh boy

Oh boy, wouldn’t it be nice to speed away your stay in hospital, being peacefully relaxed on a beach in Tahiti, or why not just watch movies. Wouldn’t you feel more relaxed and entertained in hospital if you had a VR? I know I would. I’d be able to talk to friends and family. Time feels like it goes faster in VR, so why not use it to make people feel more comfortable in stressful situations.


Just an Idea

Thinking more on real life situations with the VR. What if you were stuck in a wheel chair. Missing out on playing rugby, or going swimming. Imagine being able to this in VR. With decrease in mobility from many causes, imagine still being able to experience the exact same sensations. Or what about being in the 1st person view of your favourite character in a movie. Fighting off hordes of zombies, becoming a part of a historic Foot-Ball team. Or what about having your very own art studio, all the materials you need, all the tools, and at no cost.

Last night i went sky diving, originally I thought that it’d be crazy scary. But even just watching a 360 video, it feels like you’re there. I wanna go and jump out of a plane now. This could be used as advertisement, having the availability to download a demonstration ride at an amusement park. Or getting an birds eye view on a house, and then entering through the front door, walking around the show home without wasting fuel, and why not even be in a call with the real estate agent at the same time!

Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy

Mr. Bain swung round last night around 7:45, bringing yet another cool piece of technology with him. The Samsung Gear VR. With a cost of just $200 NZD i was greatly surprised of the quality. The Gear VR has been out for a couple of months now, however, I had never seen it nor heard of it. I am familiar with the original Oculus and the new HTC Vive. The Gear VR is powered by Oculus.

My Reaction?
I was so amazed. I was in my living room with my family a moment before, but now it feels as if I’m in a fancy house. A wall with statues and collectables, a snack bar, indoor water features, it was astounding. I had never experienced virtual reality, and to be completely honest, I never thought I’d get the chance. With the headset on for just a few seconds, giving me time to scope out my surroundings, it had caught me. I didn’t want to leave, it was beautiful.

Later last night, we started downloading games to play, and apps to try. Watching Netflix in bed, with a 60 inch TV, right in front of your face, man did it feel good. Running from creepy clowns, commanding a robot, watching an alien invasion, it was amazing.

The only downside was addiction.
It made life look bland, my dad didn’t want to take it off, I didn’t want to take it off, nor did my sister and brother. My mum was creeped out by the giant monkeys, she was fine.
Yes, it has it’s downsides, and of course positives included. Socializing, traveling, watching movies and shows, playing games, those seem obvious, but what about for medical use? You could run a program that tested reflexes, thinking, it could help you tower over your fears, teach you new skills. Let’s just see where it goes from here